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Thank You Canada!

The scenery over here is just breathtaking. I have been to some beautiful spots with the video and the stills cameras and plan to use the footage in the next couple of video clips.

Had the pleasure of attending the Vancouver Folk Festival. What a fantastic few days and the food was magnificent! Also visited Lake Louise and Whistler. Constantly amazed by the natural beauty of this country... and I've got it all on tape!

Back in Oz now and there is only one thing to do ... get ready for the launch of "Momentum" and accompanying video clips. The "Momentum" release date has just been announced in a press release (November 7, 2012). Amanda Gibson is responsible for the "Momentum" album art and took the master photos for the cover. She has worked tirelessly on the front cover only to exceed all of my expectations and produce a beautiful piece of art. Heartfelt thanks Amanda!

Pre-orders will be available here and iTunes in the coming weeks. Pre-order dates will be announced shortly via press releases, and right here!

Stay tuned!

Peace, Kevin