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The Kevin Walton Radio Love Tour 2013 - Stage One - Thank You Queensland, Victoria and NSW

On Behalf of Kevin Walton,
I would love to say a " Big Thank-You " to the people of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
Our tour took us on an 18 day adventure, driving over 5,530 kilometres to visit you.
To everybody that came into contact with us, Thank You.
Each and Everyone of YOU, touched us in so many ways.
Standing beside Kev, it was loud and clear his music touched you all, too.
Kevin, you have a heart of gold and you delivered love into the lives of so many people, along the way.
Your music, proves to Australia, YOU....have an amazing talent.
I can certainly say, I'm proud to sit beside you and follow you as you follow your dream.
This journey has just began, The sky is the limit for you.
One man during the tour summed your music up perfectly.
His words, not mine " There is something magical and mystical about your music, my son, you are going places "
To each and everyone of you, that welcomed us into your towns, your lives and your radio stations, thank-you.
To the DJ's, Radio Station Staff and not forgetting the listeners..... Thank You and Hats off to you all.
You are all truly, part of this amazing adventure.
To the team and management, Well done.
You all worked tirelessly around the clock, keeping the show on the road.

The momentum is building and the journey has only began.
Kevin  - I know Australia and the World, is going to hear more of you.

Damian - Road Manager (Air Raid Music Promotions)